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How to use the app in your business

You cannot always be there in person for your current and potential clients, make sure you have the content they need for success.

  • Give exercises and workout suggestions
  • Generate leads and have them request a program from you
  • Make sure your clients have resources and new ideas for their next program

In Assessments

Make sure everyone walks away with some fitness content for them

On The Floor

Help ensure the correct technique and suggest alternatives to members

With Clients

Make sure exercise demonstrations are followed even when you are not around

How to become a Contributor

Want to become a contributor to the Trainer Plus ecosystem? contributors get:

  • Their content credited in the Fitness+ mobile app
  • Workouts and program templates available to other trainers in Trainer Plus
  • Access to new clients through online training requests made through Fitness+

There are two things needed to become a contributor to Fitness+:

1. Trainer Plus Pro Certification

  • Proof of current certification from an accredited body
  • Completed the Trainer Plus training manual
  • Practical test working with a client

2. Submit Fitness Content

  • Workouts: must submit at least 10 workouts
  • Programs: must submit at least 5 programs
  • Ongoing: submit new content every 4-6 weeks

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